Survey Questions

Sex: M/F
Current Suburb:
Current Occupation:

Tick the boxes to which local facilities you use to excercise
□ The River□ Ace Fitness□ Fight Gym□ Basketball Stadium□ Soccer field Tennis court
□ Netball courts
□ Football Ovals
□ Walking tracks
Other/ explanation:

Tick the boxes to which sports you currently partake in:
□ Swimming□ Yoga
□ Boxing
□ Gardening□ Walking□ Basketball□ Football□ Netball□ Soccer
Other/ explanation:

Choose one (or more) boxes in terms of the excercise you partake in.

The type of excercise I do is:
□ Planned
□ Unplanned
Other/ explanation:

I excercise:
□ In a group□ Alone□ Indoors□ Outdoors□ With a personal trainer
Other/ explanation:

Choose one box which indicates at what intensity you normally excercise at:
□ High□ Medium□ LowOther/ explanation:

I excercise for:
□ Health (prevention of diseases)□ Fitness□ Social benefits□ Weight loss□ Not sure□ Due to family background□ My kids
Other/ explanation:

I don't excercise to my full capacity because:
□ Health issues (asthma, disease)□ Lack of time□ Lack of knowledge/ skills□ Injuries□ Pregnant□ Laziness□ Lack of sporting facilities□ Too expensive□ Family commitments□ Lack of confidence□ Body image issues□ Area of living
Other/ explanation:

How many hours of planned excercise do you do in a normal week
□ 0-2□ 2-4
□ 4-6
□ 6-8
□ 8+

How many days a week do you excercise
□ 0-2
□ 2-4
□ 4-6
□ 7

Influences on my excercise include:
□ Family background
□ Peers
□ Community
□ Money
□ Work
Other/ explanation:

Please list your current hobbies:

Thank you for completing this survey